The dishes annotated with this symbol are made with ingredients from the wild. As a result they are low in fat, with a unique and original flavour that tells the tale of their totally natural environment; of the waters of the northern seas, the woods, the mosses, the wild berries and the crystalline lakes.


Tasting menu – € 50 per person
A real journey through Nordic flavours, with 5 surprise courses minimum 2 person


Rentartar med torkade lingon, citron och timjan – € 19
Tartar of reindeer with dried lingon, lemon, thyme and crispy flax seeds

Grön och vitsparris med löjrom och kålrabbimajonnäs  – € 23
Kalix vendace roe with kahlrabi mayonese with green and white asparagus

Makrill marinerad i äppelcidervinäger och bränd gurka, fermenterade krusbär och saltad gurka – € 13
Mackerel marinated in apple vinegar with fermented gooseberries, salted and pickled cucumber

Kålrabbi med havtornsmarinerad daikon – € 12
Marinated and roasted kohlrabi with daikon and seabucktorn


Gravad lax – Salmone marinato all’aneto – € 16
Salmon* marinated with dill, gravlax sauce, boiled potatoes

S.O.S. – Tris di aringhe marinate – € 15
Marinated herring with vegetables, Brantevik herring, herring in mustard sauce, Swedish cheese, knäckebröd

Tre smaker från Norden – Tris nordico – € 19
A taste of Gravad lax, Reindeer tartare, Pickled Herring


Halstrad piggvar med pepparrot, brynt smör och potatis – € 18
Panfried turbot with horseradish, beurre noisette, potatoes and dill

Bakad torsk med färska bönor, hjärtmusslor, rädisor och vitt vin – € 19
Sous vide cod with fresh beans, clams, radishes and white wine

Halstrad vildlax med nässlor, valnötter och äpple – € 22
Pan fried wild salmon* with nettles, apple and walnuts


Spädgrislägg med rotmos och senap – € 18
Suckling pig with rutabaga carrots and mustard

Pärlhöna med rädisor, sparris och ramslök – € 20
Pearl Hen with asparagus white and green radishes and ramson

Älgentrecote med torkade lingon, timjan och potatis – € 29
Elk entrecote* with dried lingonberries thyme and potatoes


Kall sparrissoppa med bakat ägg och saltad gurka – € 12
Cold asparagussoup with baked egg and salted cucumber

Kålrabbisoppa på musselbuljong, hjärtmusslor – € 13
Soup of kohlrabi and broth of mussels with clams and dill


Bönor med kålrabbi, quinoa och ramslök – € 12
Fresh beans with kohlrabi crispy quinoa and ramson

Grön och vitsparris med bakat ägg, potatis och linfrö – € 13
White and green asparagus with poached egg, potatoes and crispy flax seeds


Hallonsorbet med pressade blåbär och olivolja – € 8
Raspberry sorbet with pressed blueberries extra virgin olive oil crispy sponge cake

Krusbär med vispad creme fraiche och sockerkaka – € 8
Gooseberries with creme fraiche and sponge

Getyogurtglass med färska jordgubbar och cacao nibs – € 8
Goatyogurt ice cream with strawberries and cacao nibs

Rabarber bakad i mandelolja med färskost och mandel – € 8
Rhubarb baked in almond oil with fresh cheese and almonds

Valnötsmarinerat äpple med honung och äppelcidervinägermaräng – € 8
Apple marinated in walnutoil with honey and meringue with applecidervinegar

Björk Ice Cream and sorbets – € 6

Selection of Swedish cheese – € 12

Swedish meatballs with purée – Ice cream of the day


Nils Oscar Aquavit – € 5
flavored with bitter orange

Nils Oscar Ingefära – € 5
flavored with ginger

Nils Oscar Maltvodka – € 5
organic spirit

Nils Oscar Kummin – € 5
flavored with cumin

Snaps Björk – € 4
flavored with cumin, honey and star anise

Per person (oat, rye and crispy Swedish bread, salted butter) – € 2,5
Extra bread portion – € 1,5

> • <


1 piatto a scelta tra le proposte della settimana, pane all’avena, knäckebröd, burro salato e acqua


L’insalata mista con le foglie di stagione, i ravanelli, i cipollotti, le fave, i mirtilli rossi selvatici e i tranci di merluzzo affumicato
L’insalata mista con le foglie di stagione, i ravanelli, i cipollotti, le fave, le cipolle bruciate e l’uovo affumicato

L’insalata mista con le foglie di stagione, i ravanelli, i cipollotti, le fave, le cipolle bruciate e le patate cotte sotto sale


Lo sgombro al forno con le patate, il cavolo rapa e i ravanelli
Il salmone cotto a bassa temperatura con le patate, i finocchi e la crème fraîche
Il salmone poché nell’aceto svedese con le patate lesse e la maionese all’aneto


Il carré di maiale con le mele, i fagiolini, l’aglio e la senape fatta in casa
Il roastbeef freddo con l’insalata di patate, i ravanelli, i cipolotti e la senape
Il pollo arrostito con il levistico, i ravanelli, il sedano, i fagiolini e il brodo di pollo


Il cavolo rapa marinato e il cavolo rapa al forno con il farro, i fagiolini, la crème fraîche e i mirtilli rossi selvatici
L’uovo cotto a bassa temperatura con le patate, i porri, i fagiolini, i ravanelli e l’aglio orsino
Le cipolle grigliate con le carote arrostite nel curry, i piselli gialli, la rapa bianca e l’orzo


La zuppa fredda di patate e porri con il salmone marinato
La zuppa fredda di cetrioli allo yogurt con il cavolo rapa marinato e il cavolo rapa al forno
La zuppa fredda di cavolfiori con il cerfoglio e il salmone poché


con puré di patate, cetrioli marinati e mirtilli rossi selvatici

2 Smörrebröd a scelta: 1 grande e 1 mini + torta al cioccolato + acqua e caffè

Supplemento di pane e burro – 1.5 €

If you have any allergies and / or intolerances please alert the waiting staff. We prepare our products in one kitchen and for that reason we cannot guarantee the non-contamination of ingredients and allergens.
A complete book with all the ingredients cointained in the dishes is available for those who wish to consult it.

* Product frozen at origin – The fish is treated according to laws prescribed by the Ministry of Health (Circolar n. 4379-P del 17/02/2011).
The fish intended to be eaten raw is felled at a temperature of -20°C for 24 hours or at -35°C for 12 hours